I’ve had the pleasure of helping many individuals on their path to wellness.


Here’s what they have to say about my practice


I have been seeing Vianne for about a year and I would highly recommend her to any man going thru anxiety issues, or dealing with long term chronic illness. She is very confident, patient, and professional, and has taught me a lot in our time together. I also appreciate her availability and flexibility. Vi works with me in person when I’m in Vancouver and on the phone while I am travelling. I will continue to work with Vi because she makes slow and steady change an inspiring process.
— Chris S.

I first met and began working with Vianne at a wellness clinic at the hospital where I work. I work as a psychiatric nurse and my job is high in physical and psychological demands. I experience exposure to trauma, violence, and human suffering on a day to day basis. I also live with chronic pain and poor sleep as a result of 3 major car accidents. As my career is very stressful, it is difficult not to bring my work home with me. Since I have started working with Vianne many things have improved in my life! The sessions have given me an overall sense of calmness in my life, and I am able to sleep much better. At times I go into session in acute pain, and 90 mins later I am able to leave with little to ZERO pain. I feel that I’m generally more focused as I work with Vi to remain grounded and present in the moment. Together we have been working on my self-care plan making me feel more resilient. I find that even my most stressful situations at either work or in my personal life, are dealt with in a more relaxed frame of mind. I enjoyed the sessions so much I began working with Vianne privately outside of clinic and hope to have them in my life for as long as possible. I don’t hesitate to recommend Vi’s sessions to co-workers, friends, and family!
— Carmen H.

I sought out Vi’s help for coping strategies for my anxiety and panic attacks, and the results I have experienced in just over a year are life changing. I have grown in my awareness of self and I have grown to notice my rhythms. Learning and playing in my awareness with Vi has been wonderful and I recommend it to everyone. You never know what you’ll find when you stop to listen to your body!
— Leandra G.

I met Vi through Instagram when I was stressed out about moving away from Canada. The guided meditation she made for me after we talked took away my anxiety. Even though we have never met, and we are many time zones apart, Vianne makes me feel calm, and not worried. She is kind, her voice is calm, soothing, and she has helped me practice my breathing. Every month when I get a new meditation I learn and relax! Thank you Vi, you have helped me and taught me so much!
— Amirreza A.

Working with Vi has been such an empowering, life-affirming journey. From the beginning I’ve been amazed by her ability to inspire me to be curious about the energies in my body but also by the way she guides me into and around my place in the natural world in a way that’s personal and meaningful. When I began sessions with Vi I was interested in but overwhelmed by the practice of meditation, but she understood exactly where I was coming from and her gentle guidance has pushed me to expand my awareness every day. Most importantly, Vi’s joy is contagious so its so easy to see and feel the ways she herself practices what she teaches me and what it means to her. Every session puts a smile on my face and shows me how my own practice can have similar joyful, grounding, and balancing effects on my everyday life.
— Mitchell J.