Co-creating a Daily
Mindfulness Practice: In PERSON

Vianne Bacchus What To Expect

  • Our first session together is to see if we have the resonance needed to form a successful working relationship. Our relationship will build over time, and we need to start out feeling safe and ‘comfortable’.

  • Boundaries: the building block of your self-care practice. The foundational boundaries of my practice are strict confidentiality, calm and safe surroundings, and firm session times.  What are your boundaries that we need to honour working together? Spend time identifying your boundaries. I hold firm boundaries to support our work together. 

  • Our time together is judgement free. Building your self-care practice is actually a practice in noticing. Noticing the sensations in your physical body to expand your sense of awareness. Noticing your primary sense perception and then noticing and expanding your other senses. Noticing when you judge or compare yourself, and then acknowledging the noticing! Sounds simple right, it is, it’s not easy! We work with intention and energy!

  • At the beginning of the session we spend approximately 15 minutes checking in with what is happening in the current moment.  I’m curious at the beginning of each session to see if you were able to notice how your practice went since our last meeting, and what you have noticed during that time.  Then we set an intention for what you want to happen during the session.

  • Next, you will lie fully clothed on my massage table so that I can help connect you to the present moment. This process feels differently for everyone so I can’t give you an exact description of what will happen while you are on the table. The intention is that I teach you over time how to notice your breathing and the sensations in your body. The more we focus on your breathing and the sensations in your body in the present moment the more your mind calms. We practice shifting from an active brain state (beta brain wave frequency) to a meditative brain state (alpha brain wave frequency). This practice calms your nervous system as well as your mind. While I am teaching I am also balancing your energy flow. I use my intuition and sense perception to identify imbalances, then clear and replenish the depleted areas.

  • After our ‘table session’ time we have a debrief. It’s your time to reflect on how you felt during meditation on the table.  We co-create a plan for your daily practice until the next time we meet: this is your ‘homework’! 

  • Your journey of mindfulness has no end, there is no end to what you can learn and know about yourself and your energy. I’m here to facilitate this journey. Once you feel comfortable noticing and balancing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies we can expand into new areas of curiosity.


Guided Meditations 




Use this guided meditation to calm your mind and increase your sense of feeling. Follow my voice to increase your ability to notice and feel sensations in your body. This video guides you to notice the sensations of 'warm' and 'tingling'; breathe and follow along!
Spend 2 mins with me practicing calming your nervous system by focusing on the energy flow in your body. Learn to shift your focus away from the thoughts in your mind by following my voice in this short meditation. In this video we breathe and give ourselves space to connect with the strength in our body.
Join me in practicing connecting to the Earth's energy flow with your feet. Spend time focusing on your feet and increasing your senses. Grounding Meditation builds our sense of visualization, feeling, and knowing. Calm your mind by shifting your focus to your feet!!