If you have landed on my page you are contemplating change, or you are just curious, and both are great states to be in! It is my intention to be your enthusiastic cheerleader as you go forward on your path to body, mind, spirit, wellness and awareness. My intention in our sessions is to make connecting with your physical energy body a pathway to feeling the emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies. Wisdom, patience, nurturing, and humor are the foundations of my teaching and my energy.


What To Expect?

We work together to co-create a self-care plan that supports you in feeling healthy, present and grounded each day.

Our 90 minute sessions together are a combination of meditation practice and energy clearing. I work to clear energy blockages in the Client’s human energy field which often alleviates physical pain as well.

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What are some of the benefits of working somatically to connect to your energy body, and your true self?

Relief from chronic pain and illness

Improved sleep

Relief from stress, anxiety and trauma

Present focused

Accepting of self and others

Increased gratitude

Increased trust in the flow of life

More secure in oneself, able to truly listen to others